What’s Happening To My Body?


As a mother to a beautiful 11 year old girl, I want nothing more than for other young girls to know that they hold amazing feminine power inside of them. I wrote this book because I want young girls to understand the changes that they are undergoing  on a physical, mental and emotional level as they enter womahood,  in a positive and empowering way- without SHAME!

It is time that we educate our girls, so that they be confident and self-aware young women.  This information will empower them to make better choices.

This book will:

*Explain the emotional and physiological changes that are happening to her body,
*Describe exactly What is happening in that brain that affects her behavior,
*Reassure her that this process is a blessing, not a curse,
*Help her explore a new perspective and challenge society’s negative ideas about menstruation and puberty,

In the end, your young girl will be left with a fresh and new perspective which will empower her.

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