Single Dad’s Guide


Single dads sometimes have a difficult time understanding what their daughters are going through while navigating puberty.  In this book, I strive to give the single dad that may not have proper positive female support for their daughter, a basic understanding of  the changes his little girl is undergoing or will undergo, as she enters womanhood.  Understanding what is going on with your little girl on a physical, mental and emotional level, from a female’s perspective will help you become a more compassionate and patient father to your daughter.

As a mother to a beautiful 11 year old, I want nothing more than for other young girls to know that they hold amazing feminine power inside of them. I wrote this book because I want fathers like you to be able to talk their daughters about the coming of age process, in a positive and empowering way- without SHAME!

Even if your daughter has already started her menstrual period, this information will be valuable, because it is never too late for a do over. It is time that we educate our girls, so that they can make more empowered choices.

This book will:

*Explain the emotional and physiological changes that are happening to her body,
*Describe exactly What is happening in that brain that affects her behavior,
*Reassure you that this process is a blessing, not a curse,
*Help you explore a new perspective and challenge your preconceived ideas about menstruation and puberty,

In the end, you will be left with a fresh and new perspective which will empower you to deal with your teen differently, thereby building the level of trust you both share and taking your father and daughter bond to a different level.

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