Ending The Cycle of Shame


With great anticipation you looked forward to her first step and her first words.

Are you ready to express the same enthusiams as she enters into womanhood?   Society generally frames the process of puberty in a negative light for our kids.  When we as their parents believe the idea that ‘teens are rebellious’ or ‘troubled’, we not only disempower them, but we also create a huge disconnect that ultimately blocks communication between us.

What would it look like if we as mothers and caregivers awaited each one of our girls’ coming of age and first menarche (period) with excitement?  How empowered would she feel, if she knew what was really going on in her body (on an emotional, physical and mental level) and was prepared for those big changes?  What would it be like if each of our girls learned (from their own mothers or caregivers), that THIS incredible phase of their journey into womanhodd is sacred and is something to rejoice over and not fear or dread?

Regardless of your personal experience with your own coming of age, NOW is the time to end the cycle of shame that is often associated with this phase of our human experience!

I wrote this book because I want mothers like you to be able to talk to their daughters about the process of entering into womanhood in a positive and empowering way- without SHAME! Even if your daughter has already started her menstrual period, this information will be invaluable, because it is never too late to shift our perspective. It is time that we empower our girls, so that together we too can heal.

This book will:

*Explain the emotional and physiological changes that are happening to her body,
*Describe exactly what is happening in that brain that affects behavior and emotions,
*Reassure you both that this process is a blessing, not a curse,
*Help you explore a new perspective and challenge your preconceived ideas about menstruation and the process of puberty,

In the end, you will be left with a fresh and new perspective which will empower you to deal with your (pre)teen differently, thereby building the trust you both share and taking your mother and daughter bond to new heights.


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