Do You Trust Your Intuition?

About 8 years ago, my husband and I were looking at prospective homes as we planned to relocate to KY.  With our property list on hand, we ventured out with our trusted Garmin GPS device to one of the propertis on our list.  The GPS device sent us down a very secluded country road that ended up in a creek. The GPS voice kept telling us to ‘go straight’.  But that clearly wasn’t possible because of the huge body of water in front of us.  We were a bit nervous… because we didn’t want to inadvertently tresspass  on someone’s private property.  It was so bizarre.   But we learned a lesson that day.  A Garmin GPS device, like most GPS systems,  is useless unless you regularly update the map.

I bring this story up, because I think our intuition works the same way.

You see… your intuition is your inner guidance system.  It’s like the GPS of your life!  It involves trusting your life experience to guide you.  In fact, being in tune with your inner wisdom is about more than just avoiding dark alleys and dangerous situations. This is a life skill that can assist you when you have to make some of life’s most difficult decisions.

Your intuition is very similar to that GPS device, in the sense that if you want it to be trustworthy –  if you want it to be on point when you need it – then you have to work on “updating the systems”.  Yes, you have to quite literally update the systems of your mind daily.  It’s not something that you can use once and then put away and forget about it until it’s time to go on that figurative ‘life” trip again.

You see, our conscioius mind (the logical part of our brain) is very tricky.  Deep down, we KNOW …

when it is time to leave a job we are not happy in,

when it’s time to end a relationship,

whether buying that new home is in our best interest.

But, we choose to ignore our inner wisdom because we are so disconnected from it.  We don’t use it often enough for it to become a valuable tool.  We KNOW when a certain situation in our lives is destroying our soul—but we just haven’t trained ourselves to value that feeling – we haven’t developed the skill needed to trust and HONOR that inner wisdom.

And so what happens is when we are faced with that tough situation—whether it’s leaving a toxic relationship, chaing jobs, moving across the country, or buying that new car —we feel like we are being torn in opposing directions.  We second guess ourselves, which leads to inaction.   We think to ourselves… Is this my intuition? Or … Is this my mind

We go back and forth, not being able to fully trust that inner wisdom, to the point where we just say … “Forget it, I’m just going to ask my sister what I should do”!

But the thing is that we DO know what we should do!  We are just too afraid to trust our intuitive wisdom. We thing… “What if I’m wrong What if… ? What if…?

So just how do we develop this skill so we can learn to trust our inner wisdom?  It’s actually very simple.  You need to reconnect with your higher self, by making space for quiet time and reflection daily!

In the past, I found that whenever I had to rely on my inner wisdom, no matter what the situation was, there was always an internal war between what I wanted to do and what I knew I had to do.  And what I can tell you is that this shifted for me once I became more intentional with my sacred daily practice.  Because the more in tune you are with your SELF, the more you can trust your intuition.

So for some, this means taking walks in nature or doing some form of meditation. Maybe for you it’s reading inspirational thoughts daily.  For me, it’s meditation, journaling, communing with nature and a cup of tea.   This is my sacred practice, for the first 20 minutes of my day, every single day.  It’s like breathing  or eating a meal to me. I don’t have to think about it, I just flow into it.

Incorporating this habit in my personal development routine has yielded the most significant results over the years in terms of my ability to trust my inner wisdom.  To the point that I feel out of sorts when I am forced to rush out of the house without having done it, due to some appointment or emergency.  And even when that does happen, I always make up for it in the evening, so I never skip it completely.

So how how do you know if your intuition is right or wrong? The best way that I can answer is  by telling you that you know you’ve made the right decision by how it feels in your body.  When I trust my inner wisdom, I feel lighter, I feel settled, I feel at peace.  I don’t second guess it at all.  I don’t need an immediate confirmation that it was the right choice.  I just trust and allow it to be.

Trusting  your inner wisdom is like a muscle.  Just like anything in your personal development journey, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes. I personally have several spiritual tools that I use when I have to make important decisions.  One practical suggestion that I can offer is for you to make a pros and cons list.  This is actually good to do, even if you think you already know which direction you will go.  Because often times when you go through this process, you will find that things you hadn’t considered are revealed to you.

Ask yourself, what would happen if I am wrong in making this decision?  What would be possible for me, if this turns out for my highest good? Meaning, how could your life change for the better, by taking that risk, or making that scary decision? Don’t stop at those questions. Ask your unconscious mind what you need to know to make this decision. What could you possibly have failed to consider?  Asking these questions and writing down what comes up for you is important, because no matter how stuck or hopeless you feel your situation is, there are ALWAYS options.

And sometimes all that is needed for you to be able to realize that you DO have options, is for you to make space and take the time to sit in silence and ask the hard questions.  Then your unconscious mind – the part of your brain that is the goal getter, the part of your brain that so  badly wants you to succeed – will come up with creative ideas that will help you brainstorm a plan.

But if you never slow down, and if you don’t make time for quiet reflection on a daily basis – not just when crisis comes up – then  you will never be able to tap into that inner wisdom that we all have.

You will continue to doubt every decision you make…

you will look to others for answers…

you will continue to feel that  because you’ve made an unfavorable decision in the past… that you are now incapable of fine tuning that skill … and

you will continue to find yourself feeling hopeless and lost.

So if this is something that you struggle with, I encourage you to choose to be at cause.  Choose to be the creator of your own human experience by incorporating some sort of daily practice that will allow you the space to tap into this self awareness.  So that you can discover how resourceful you truly are.

You are not helpless.  Every single answer you are looking for is already within you.

You just need to trust it, because this is your super power.

If you feel disconnected from it, it hasn’t gone away or given up on you!  It is your essence –  your soul – and it can’t be separated from you.  It has ALWAYS been  there, and  it’s never too late to trust it and start listening.

So start today!



xo Arianna

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