Do You Lack Motivation?

So earlier today I had to deal with a little situation with my children.  They had a homeschooling project that they had not completed and they were whining about getting it done.  They basically said they had no desire or motivation to do it.

Now we all know that a goal doesn’t do you much good unless you are constantly thinking about, and working towards it, right?

But let’s get real… what would you say is easier to do in the next five minutes: find your motivation or take action?

For many of us, motivation isn’t something that can be summoned like a snap of our fingers.  Right?  But action, that’s a little different.

Right now, can you take one step towards getting what you want in your life?

In case you don’t know the answer: It’s “yes”. You can take action right now.

Want to write a book? Write page 1.

Want to lose weight? Go on a run.

Want to find a new job? Send out your resume.

So we know that action is easier to take than finding motivation.

And I believe that there are definitely 2 types of motivation: 

There is short term motivation and long term motivation.

Short term motivation is shallow and  can shift based on our day to day life.  For example: next week I want to clean my pantry.  That’s obviously short term.

On the other hand, long term motivation is not fickle.   It’s not vulnerable to the economy, the news, the “experts”, or anything going on in the outside world.

It’s a deep lasting motivation that is internal. You feel it deep in your soul.  It’s that driving force that pushes you towards your calling and towards your purpose.  When you know exactly where you want to go, it plants the seed for life long motivation.

So obviously, cultivating this emotion has the potential to change your life, because when you cultivate this emotion, there is nothing that will seem impossible for you.

And just think… how do you feel when you don’t have motivation?

You lose your motivation and you don’t feel like doing anything.

You skip the gym  or cheat on your diet because you don’t feel motivated.

You choose to sit on the couch and aimlessly surf the web instead of working on your business, or doing that one thing that will get you closer to your goal

You choose to skip working on your goals, because you lack motivation.

And it’s a downward spiral with only one end result: feeling unfulfilled.

And when you feel unfulfilled, you feel unsatisfied.

And when you are unsatisfied, you feel like your life has no meaning.

And you sink deeper and deeper

And here’s the thing, no one has motivation 24 hrs a day.  Some days I wake up and I don’t want to do anything.  AT ALL.

And there are some days when a break is very much needed.

But the point is that motivation, drive, desire, go gettedness – whatever you want to call it – we learn to cultivate it by doing.  By using our mind to ensure that we feel that pull towards our purpose and towards your goals.

We also know what that feels like, right?  That energy inside that causes us to say ‘I want to get up and create”,  I want to contribute, I want to be my best self, or I want to connect with people.

It is something that we get to generate daily, by doing. Not thinking about it, not talking about it, but by DOING!

I know you have big goals for yourself.  Maybe you want to finally start your own business.

Maybe you want to go back to school.

Or maybe you want to save to become debt free!

These are all goals that require your motivation.

So how do you cultivate motivation?

  1. Focus on one goal at a time – It’s important to set SMART goals.  SMART goals are goals that are smart are specific, measurable, attainable relevant and timely. One of the best ways for you to focus on one goal at a time, is to make a diary of your goals – and you’ve heard me say it before – write it down on a journal , so that you will have a visual representation of the things that you want to achieve rather than letting it all get lost in your head.
  2. Get rid of distractions that prevent you from reaching your goal, like social media.  If you are a writer and you want to finish a book, can you truly focus on that if there are many distractions surrounding you like television, friends chattering away or the lure of  browsing through the internet? Of course not!  In order for you to stay motivated, you must steer clear of any distractions.
  3. Block out negative influenecs – If you feel that you are being distracted from your goal by a problem, ask yourself what you can do to eliminate that right now? How is my focusing on this problem helping me reach my goal… right now?

Because just maybe, you are deliberately sidetracking  yourself with  negative thoughts and feelings because you have no faith in yourself. You are self-sabotaging.   And when you feel yourself experiencing this,  really focusing on your end result and visualizing what your life will be once you get there is a great way for you to get past it .

Here’s a great exercise to start gaining clarity on where you want to go in your life:

Take out a piece of paper and get ready to write. Imagine 5 years have passed. Everything you have wanted to accomplish has happened.

What is your day like?

What activities do you do?

What relationships do you have?

How do you make money?

How much money do you make?

How do you feel?

What are your hobbies? 

Write. Write. And write some more.

Another suggestion is for you to write in a journal every morning and at night and read your goals.  And this may sound a bit woo woo to some of you, but I actually read them while standing in front of a mirror and while looking into my eyes.

It is a great trick, because when you read your goals first thing in the morning you will notice that you find yourself doing more each day to help you reach your goals.

And when you read your goals right before bed, you may notice that you wake up with great ideas that you never thought of before because your unconscious mind wants to help you reach those goals.

So I hope these suggestions are helpful.

It’s SO important to have motivation because it’s the fuel that we  need to continue striving for our goals.

So share with me what are your daily habits to stay motivated are so that we can learn from each other.



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