Your 6 Step Guide to Self-Mastery!

This Guide to Self Mastery course will ofefr you the tools and inspiration to get clear on who you are, identify authentic life goals, and start turning your big dreams into reality.  There are 5 pillars to self-mastery…

1. Mastering your emotions and relationships 

No woman is an island. Including you.  The one thing that every happiness expert or positive psychology researcher can agree upon is the fact that people with strong connections and loving relationships are more satisfied with their lives.

Relationships where we are valued, heard, accepted and loved and where we value, hear, accept and love another are worth all of the effort. They are worth all the hurt feelings, and mixed signals, and awkward attempts at finding your communication groove, and boundary setting you must do. The rewards of connection, love, support and shared experience are worth it all.

This step of The Guide to Self-Mastery reminds you that connection with others is essential to your joy and provides tools, tips and resources to examine your world through the lens of strong relationships.

2.  Mastering the art of radical self-love

Self-mastery starts with loving yourself. And there’s no way around it! If you want to make big changes or reinvent your world, you’ve got to —

  • Cultivate a strong sense of self-worth
  • Develop inner resilience
  • Practice kindness towards yourself without an agenda of improvement
  • Even when it feels hard, even when the light is barely shining, even if you’re not sure you can do it.

A strong foundation of self-love is the springboard for “more” and “bigger” and “happy” and “fulfilled.”That’s why this  second step of The Guide to Self Mastery is a call to action to start at the beginning — the very act of falling in love with YOU.

3. Overcoming your fears

4. Mastering your thoughts

5. Having the ability to  define your goals, take action and declare success

The pursuit of worthwhile goals is one of the few actions you can take to improve your life satisfaction. And the development of powerful habits helps support that worthy pursuit.

When you feel like you’re just going through the motions — fearful of making any change, bored by the path you feel stuck on, or scared that you’ll never actually accomplish anything — declaring goals that are in alignment with your authentic self can awaken your spirit.

You have power to make changes in your life, both large and small.

You have the power to declare goals that reflect your core values, your definition of success, your unique take on the world.

And with a little experimentation and understanding of the latest in motivation, willpower and grit, you have the power to cultivate the habits that support the best version of you.

In this step of The Guide to Self-Mastery course, you’ll be declaring goals aligned with your definition of success and identifying the habits you need to start or stop in order to pursue them.  When you are able to understand how all of these pillars build on each other, you are better equipped to create a better quality of life.


After taking this course:

  • You will to enjoy better relationships, because you will have the self-awareness and  tools neeed to navigate them effortlessly.
  • Your physical, mental and emotional health will improve because you will have the motivation to go after your goals.
  • You finally can get a hold of your financial situation and start crafting a plan for the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Once you learn and accept that you are in control, your confidence will sky rocket and you will be unstoppable.

Course Materials

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